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Reuse Remake Recycle

Things have really changed around our household in the last couple of weeks.  My oldest daughter,  Ashley is having many health problems associated with her pregnancy! Diabetes has taken over her life and lead to a week in the hospital.  It made it hard to care for herself and 9 month old Lilly.  Now both are here at our house until baby is born.  Sometimes, as parents you have to do what is best for your family even if it inconveniences everyone.  Our family wants Ashley and the baby healthy.  When the baby is born Ashley and her family will go back to Wheeling, WV.  Until then we will all share our small house together and help each other out. I was trying to find something to put Lilly’s blocks in so I made her this basket! The fabric was from a yard sale $.25!  It was from a clothing factory that was once in Huntington, WV.  It came on a roll and was 2” wide.  Give life to something old! It started out like this on the roll and then I folded over and just sewed it together.  Obviou

Baby Photographer?

My husband and I decided to make a quick run to our daughters yesterday for the day, to see her family. My daughter wanted me to take some photographs of "Zoey" for birth announcements. We went out and bought a few props and came back to the apartment and went to work. My daughters significant other was at work until 7 pm last night. His reaction to what was going on when he got home made me laugh. I will explain more in a minute. Here are the photos of our attempt to get the perfect shot! Ha ha. Our beautiful butterfly! This is my favorite one but look at all the junk in the background! Here she was telling me "Please give me my pacifier back"! Don't take a binky away from a tired baby! Oops bad idea! Happy baby with the big ugly plug! Lessons Learned : Pay for professional pictures, those photographers earn every penny! I present 5 week old "Zoey" Now back to Michael, he came rushing through the apartment door because as he said "I co

Ghastlies have arrived

Vicki @ Quilting Lodge had a giveaway of 2 yards of "A Ghastlie Night" The Alexander Henry Fabric Collection. I won yippee! She also put in a yard of this other "Ghastlie" fabric, which is beautiful! Best part my momma loves it. She can be a bit hard to please when it comes to fabric (does not sew) she thinks most of it is boring. Not the Ghastlies! laughing she ask me what I was making for her. Thank you Vicki you gave me an awesome prize. I Love This Line! It is just fun! Speaking of Vicki , she just won " Best Appliqué Quilt Category " from Blogger's Quilt Festival @ Amy's Creative Side . So when I tell you she is really talented check out her blog "Quilting Lodge" . When I emailed her the other day she told me she is working on a new pattern that will be coming out soon. I am sure it will be a winner. Anyone besides me love this " knitting group "! My husband's favo

She came, She conquered, She left

I warned you there would be more photos of my littlest sweetheart, Sophie. We had our few hours alone with Samantha, Sophie, and our youngest daughter, Kristin. They leave tomorrow to visit more family and then back to Germany. I cried when I said "goodbye" knowing it might be 3 years before I saw her or Samantha again. My husband and I are both Veterans and know how hard it is to be away from home serving in the military. This is the hard side your away from family for years at a time. Our Sam - doesn't she look good for just having a baby 3 months ago! This is me and Sophie - my daughter used Instagram to post this to her Facebook page. Instagram maybe my next learning curve. My husband, Randy, with our little angel! Kristin and Sophie with the big bow her mommy loves! Sam won it at the mall yesterday, it is called "Alice in Wonderland". Still on the fence about giant bows on babies heads. I have to say she has a beautiful smile, what a way to say go

Baby Twin Goats

Sparkles our mother goat had twins while we took our grandson to see the Monster Jam in Charleston WV today. This has been a very busy week for me with my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary, Cabell County CEOS, David Platt's birth, and now not one but two babies born to Sparkles. Sparkles 1st baby born last February is due any day now. So, more babies to come or at least one.

Baby Burp Cloths

I made today, one set is for my husbands cousins baby girl and the other is for my best friend Laura Freedmans grandson due February 2, 2012. I was told these shoulder burp cloths are great. I got the pattern from Martingale & Company, it is by That Patchwork Place, and it was a free download. One side is any cotton fabric, and the other is baby flannel. Very simple try one.