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Trinket Sew Along Week 2

Trinket Sew Along Week 2 with   Alison Glass   (Click link to find out about the sew along) Once again these block where not difficult and fun to do! Home life was busy here so I completed my 15 blocks in two days.  The sew along has you make one block a day of each block! I loved making the little boats! I thought of our Sailors days they said  “A red sky at night was a sailors delight!” The meaning being calm seas! If you are on Instagram, I am @intheboondocks, (Please follow, I will follow back)   and the way to see everyones blocks Is in the Search section type in the tag #tricketsal  last I read there are 5,000 blocks! I think the best part is seeing everyones differences  in how they interpret what color choices to use! Lines 1 - 10 Well today starts week 3 the lines are over and it is onto Shapes! Thank you for reading and following along! Create and be unique, Lisa

Barn Block Quilt with Sew Sampler

April 2018 Sew Sampler Monthly Subscription Quilting Box included all these items!  I enjoy getting surprises in the mail and since the first one it has been great fun!  It is not very expensive compared to other subscription programs! This month was the 2nd year Anniversary Box.   Marking the beginning of a new year of blocks!  Each month a new block pattern arrives in the box.  I have decided to make each one of them!  I have always loved Barn Quilts.  The patterns are sponsored by Moda and Aurifil. This is the first Barn Block Recipe! 12 1/2” x 12 1/2” Fabrics - Andover scraps Thread - Aurifil 50 wt. 2600 Lilly, my granddaughter, sorting scraps! Would anyone be interested in showing your blocks each month? Leave a comment and let me know! Thank you for following along! Lisa

Don't forget to enter this Giveaway

Giveaway for the Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop ends tomorrow night so signup HERE On the home front Spent my day rolling coins with David to buy his big birthday present! He got up this morning and told me he would count out his big penny jar so he could buy the new Disney XBox game that will be released next week. After rolling $30 in pennies everyone in the house started donating their silver coins which grew our pot to $103 rolled coins. That was a lot of change to take to GameStop to prepay for this expensive game. I called the store and ask them if we showed up with all this change my little man had counted and help roll would they take it. I didn't want him turned away at the counter. They said yes they would do it and treated him great as my husband plunked the backpack on the counter. David felt very grown up as he made his order. Thank you Ed at GameStop! We will try to have patience until it arrives. I just love his new glasses! He is excited to wear them to school next w