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Pincushion Tutorial

Hexagon Flower Pincushion  Fabric - Heather Ross Trixie

Back of pincushion- Heather Ross Strawberries 

Thimblepads I keep them in a little tin!

Sue Daley Millners Needles  Size 11

Walnut shells

Small scissors and a needle threader!

Aurifil 80 weight thread
A hexagon flower sewn by hand using Aurifil 80 weight thread a piece of backing fabric!  (2) pieces of Pellon SF101 cut to size!
Iron the Pellon  to each back of fabric! It will strengthen  the front side of each side!
Draw a circle on the backside  of your flower! I used a measuring cup,  to draw a circle!
Put fabrics right sides together and sew 1/4” inside the circle!

All the way around!

It will look like above!

Use a seam ripper to make about a 1 1/2” gap

Big enough to put your finger in!

Trim around the circle  (About a 1/4”) Leaving room for clipping!

Clip all around the circle  and be careful not to clip the stitches!