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Farmer's Wife 1930s Em 30

Hello and welcome to "In The Boon Docks", my home in blogland, as an Official Blogger for the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Sew Along! This weeks block is #30 Em. Angie's tutorial of Gnome Angel Em is Block 30 of Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt - GnomeAngel. Without Angie there would be no sew along, she is an expert organizer besides her other career success'! I have to admit I love this block and hate it. I picked out a few seams putting it together. I used the Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) method to piece the block with its many little tiny squares and half square triangles. Lining up everything at the end proved to be a bit difficult for me but I won the battle in the end and I am quite pleased with my block.A few tips that may help you with this block. First, recently I found using a 11 needle in the machine helpful when sewing FPP blocks with a stitch length of 1.6. Next, it makes it much easier to sew the FPP pieces together if the fabric is…

Artbin Thread Storage

Tools In My Toolbox I have had so many comments on the way I store my Aurifil Thread that I thought I tell you a secret! It is an Artbin! Anyone can have one and at this time of year they are on sale! I love mine for holding the open Aurifil Italian Threads | Perfectly suited for every quilt project, I own. The box protects it from lent, dirt and curious children. The pegs make it easy to see what you have and keep them from unraveling. It takes a great picture! ArtBin Thread Box-9002ABOrganize your sewing threads in the handy ArtBin Thread Box that offers a great solution for storing all your spools in one container. This spooled storage box has the capacity to hold (224) 20 mm spools, (108) 32 mm spools or (30) 45 mm spools. The stackable boxes securely hold the spools in place regardless how the closed box is stored. You can also keep this thread box inside the Super Satchel or the sew 'n' Go for extra utility.Brand: ArtbinCollection: Super SatchelIncludes one box stor…

Tools in My Toolbox - FPP Add-on

Tools in My Toolbox - FPPWelcome to Tools In My Toolbox FPP you can read about the other tools in these prior posts on Foundation Paper Piecing Tools:In The Boon Docks: Foundation Paper Piecing - Why The Tools
In The Boon Docks: Tools In My Toolbox - FPP
Today's tool is something you may already have in your home. After reading Melissa's of Ms Midge tutorial on block #13 Belle The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew Along - #13 Belle - Paper Piecing Y Seams! I recommend you read her tutorial if you are going to do any FPP. In Melissa's tutorial she recommends "The best tip I can give you for paper piecing is to rip the paper off the seams you will be joining as you go. This will reduce the bulk in the block at the end, and in this case – will allow you to continue with your Y seam much easier."I discovered I wasn't done with tools. When trying to remove the paper from the back on the seams on a FPP, I found my fingers are just to big, no fingernails, to grab a h…

Foundation Paper Piecing - Why The Tools

The other day I made a list of In The Boon Docks: Tools In My Toolbox - FPP and today I will show you what I use each for when doing FPP.If I am printing a digital fpp pattern from a CD or off the internet on my home computer to my printer I use Carol Doak's Foundation PaperC&T Publishing #10985 (it is thinner) and then other times I print on out of a magazine and I use copy paper. Clover Regular Wonder ClipsClover #3156 to clip the pieces together. But you could use a large paper clip.The pattern below shows you light/dark but the patterns we are using in the Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt are not. To give you an example of what to have on hand find some colored pencils or crayons and mark your blocks to remind you what fabric goes in which place. Honestly, most of my mistakes happen by sewing the wrong fabric in place. Giving each fabric a color and marking each block is worth the time. Better than ripping seams out. Sewline Fabric Water Soluble Glue Pen - B…

Tools In My Toolbox - FPP

I've been doing a little FPP (foundation paper piecing) and have found these products to be very helpful. I think you can find most of these items Fat Quarter Shop Carol Doak's Foundation Paper Sewline glue pen & a refill Wonder Clips Add a Quarter RulerSmall Scissors Small Rotary Cutter 6 1/2" x 2 1/2" Ruler Seam Presser10" Cutting Mat (mine spins) After you complete each block glue the paper description of the block to the back of it. Because let's get real will you remember after 99 blocks which one is Aunt. I won't! The Fat Quarter Shop has a code for you to get a 10% discount! So, write it down and remember to use it! I always forget things like that!Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Moda Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns | Fat Quarter ShopI be back with my blocks from this week! If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will get you an answer! XX LisaCreate and be unique - Lisa

Tools In My Toolbox - Sewing Edge Explained

Rie of CraftyRie asked "How do you use it". In the photo below you see it as a guide for the sewing machine (purple thing). It is peel and stick, so you can move it around to make any sewing edge you need. Such as in sewing garments most of your seams are 1/2" but in quilting it is 1/4". If you have trouble sewing a straight line or don't want to purchase multiple feet. When I am piecing at times it is easier to put the seam edge to the left to get that perfect fit. This works well when you are piecing sections of a quilt together and you want the seams to line up. I hope this clears up the confusion on how to use the Qtool Sewing Edge. For piecing quilts or sewing garments I find this tool vital for straight seams!Thank you for reading today! LisaCreate and be unique - Lisa

Tools In My Toolbox - Qtools Sewing Edge

Helpful Tool In My Toolbox I remember when I first learned to sew having a stack of my old business cards taped together then taped onto my sewing machine so I kept a straight 1/4" edge. Over a year ago, I bought a pack of Qtools Sewing Edge and just changed it out at the end of August. They work great and if one package last five years it is worth the less than $10 I paid for them! QTOOLS SEWING EDGE - A REUSABLE VINYL STOPSave Time • Sew Straight Seams • Works On All Machines By Marci BakerEvery sewist needs them in your toolbox! Get them at Qtools Sewing Edge - A Reusable Vinyl Stop: Save Time • Sew Straight Seams • Works On All Machines from Marci Baker for $8.95I received nothing in return for this recommendation! I just love this product and use it everytime I sew. Create something and enjoy the day! LisaCreate and be unique - Lisa