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The Giveaway Roundup

I just added a new button to my sidebar so you can always find all the giveaways! All you have to do is click on the little lady and it takes you to a list of giveaways from all over the internet! It is also a great way to find new blogs and companies to follow dealing with sewing and quilting! One of those ideas I wish I would have thought up! But I didn't Melissa of The Giveaway Roundup did and she does a great job updating the list when new ones giveaways start! Is your blog, Facebook page, Instagram having a giveaway? You can go to the current months giveaway page and add it as long as it has to do with crafting! (I am using crafting to include anything you make) Great exposure and Free! Have you signed up for my latest giveaway? You will find it on the list! Or just Click HERE Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend creating something unique! Lisa