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See You In September and Giveaways

Welcome back blog hoppers! I really have missed you! That includes you Madam Samm, Sew We Quilt (Head Couch) and Shari Living With Purpose (Head Cheerleader)! So glad to be back and hopping around myself! Thank you both for all the work you both did putting this one all together! Hello Everyone! You are at "In The Boon Docks" and I am Lisa! Come on in and have a look around and see what I spent the last couple months doing! See you in September! (It is now time) Day 1 3 projects Project 1 Riley Blake Designs Gingham. I started searching through my stash and found the blue medium gingham and this great matching blue with white polka dots! I used small blue gingham on the inside for the lining! Strawberries are really popular on Instagram lately and the red made for great contrast! I found these two strawberries on a scrap of fabric and ironed on HeatnBond Lite by therm-o-web. Cut them out, peeled the back off, and ironed them on my front panel! Then using Aurif

A Perfect Picnic Blog Hop

Hello Everyone! Welcome to In The Boon Docks, I am Lisa, today is day 5 of the hop and our day for a picnic! Well by now you have seen some pretty nice picnics and beautiful quilts! Lately our lives are a bit turned upside down! Sewing is a passion for me, I love it and blog hops but responsibility to family always comes first. It is easy to plan a perfect picnic But when you mix life into it Anything goes I think I covered all the requirements with the help of our Grandkids and a great Giveaway! (Hopefully Madam Samm @ Sew We Quilt and Mary @ I Piece 2 - Mary will laugh at our perfect picnic)! Without them we wouldn't have had this great blog hop so thank you both for all your planning and hard work! Most important for the "Perfect Picnic" Is entertainment Kids love water David enjoy teaching Zoey Slip and slide (She mostly sat and got sprayed) Very entertaining for her! Have a picnic basket! (It looks pretty good for being 20 years old) Have a menu! (For two kids t

What is up in the boon docks

Hello welcome to In The Boon Docks Things have been a little busy around here and I still cannot talk about it for a few more days. I have created something can you guess? Craftsy has a new class I signed up for late last night. Camille Roskelley - Playful Piecing Techniques ! You get 4 downloadable patterns! I like Craftsy courses because I can watch a little, do a project in the course, and then come back weeks later and step back in where I left off. I love Camille's Swoon pattern and her book Simply Retro. I will share what I learn. If anyone signs up let me know and we can have a little show! Sew We Quilt t Blog Hops In November, I am participating in both of these hops and I have some great giveaways coming your way! I hope you will join me for a little fun! The big Halloween dance is Friday night! My husband and I always like to go to what the kids come up with each year and see the latest dance moves! Our guy is ready to dance all night to bad it ends at 8:00 p

The Sew & Show Blog

Today I am writing to you about Madam Samm's Blog @ Sew We Quilt . She has a new button that she wants to spread around blogland! For doing it she will enter you into a giveaway for $250 in vouchers for different stores. Not only that, she gives you different ways to earn up to 8 chances to win. To get the code for the button and find out more go HERE! The very first blog hop I participated with Madam Samm in was the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop, on July 6, 2012. I made one block and I was so proud of my accomplishment. Madam Samm has really gotten me to stretch my imagination over the last year and a half. My last entries, in the Pin It Blog Hop , were these items. Hilda Hen won most creative on our day! I was so happy, just for the title! Madam Samm thinks up all these great hops. Participate just once and you will be hooked. It is awesome to create and show with designers from around the world. Thank you Madam Samm for encouraging me to be the best I can be! You ar