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County Fair

The Cabell County Fair
has come and gone!
But the Ribbons they left behind
continue to brighten my day!

I hope others quilters participate
in their local fair!
It is the best place to learn about Judges.
Some are kind and very helpful.
Then others are rude and downright mean.

But in reality they have no control over
anything just a Ribbon and sometimes cash prizes.
Our fair cash prizes are $2 for first place and $1 for second.
I have no plans to let a Judge decide my fate in the quilt world.

I love these canvas fabrics I found in a box at a quilt shop. Very bright Pink, Orange, an a yellowish green, sounds like it might not go together but I think it sewed together beautifully!

I used two Aurifil 12 wt. threads
to add "In The Boon Docks"

Anna Marie Hornerribbon
5/8" Gold Arrow Feathers.

I love Aurifil threads and their company
so when someone ask me what Aurifil
is I tell them "The best thread you can use for quilting
or sewing with the most brilliant