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Craftsy Blogger Awards go VOTE

Giveaway Links are at the bottom of this post! If you enjoy the quilting and sewing blogging community please go vote on the Craftsy Blog by Wednesday, January 28, 2015, before 11:59 pm. No, I am not on the list but the are some really talented people who try and make quilting and sewing much easier for beginners to experts and are always willing to jump in and help you with a related problem. So, please take a few minutes and use the blue link above that says Craftsy Blog and vote for your favorites! If you don't know the blogs listed there go visit them. I am sure you will find at least one or two that can teach you something you didn't know. One of my favorite for all crafting is Author and new fabric designer Melissa Mortenson of I took a class with her a few months ago and she is a great teacher among other things! She deserves her spot among the Best! Next on my list is Rita @ I once needed help on a block I had seen

Project Teen Class

This last Saturday, I went to Quilter's Square , in Lexington, KY, and took a class with Melissa Mortenson of Polkadot Chair ! I was really excited to meet Melissa, she is a super talented Blogger, Author, and Designer! We received her book Project Teen as part of the class which was wonderful that Kela, Quilter's Square, set it up that way. If you are like me with a 9 years old at home this book is perfect! New ideas for the older child in your house! I am making the study pillow and putting it under the Christmas tree with his new set of books! I plan on making a few other projects in the book for my niece too! It is a must have book for any Sewist collection! The Study Pillow I picked the fabrics based on what I hope David would like but I just could not help myself and used Tula Pink line Moonshine and a mix of Cotton + Steel Basics Melissa was nice enough to sign all our books and write a personal note to each of us. Inspiration is everywhere at Quilter'