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A Perfect Picnic Blog Hop

Hello Everyone! Welcome to In The Boon Docks, I am Lisa, today is day 5 of the hop and our day for a picnic! Well by now you have seen some pretty nice picnics and beautiful quilts! Lately our lives are a bit turned upside down! Sewing is a passion for me, I love it and blog hops but responsibility to family always comes first. It is easy to plan a perfect picnic But when you mix life into it Anything goes I think I covered all the requirements with the help of our Grandkids and a great Giveaway! (Hopefully Madam Samm @ Sew We Quilt and Mary @ I Piece 2 - Mary will laugh at our perfect picnic)! Without them we wouldn't have had this great blog hop so thank you both for all your planning and hard work! Most important for the "Perfect Picnic" Is entertainment Kids love water David enjoy teaching Zoey Slip and slide (She mostly sat and got sprayed) Very entertaining for her! Have a picnic basket! (It looks pretty good for being 20 years old) Have a menu! (For two kids t