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ALYOF April Finishes 2015

My April finish as described in my ALYOF April Goal was to make a Noodlehead Open Wide Zippered Pouch for my partner in the IG Swap! I am very happy to say I got it done and mailed off! Just waiting for my partner to say "I Got It and Love it"! I know some of you may think you are not good enough or think you will join one when you can sew better. That time never comes for the fear of rejection. So hop off the fence and have some fun! I made (2) pouches and I really liked how they turned out since I never made one before. The Feather Pincushion was so hard to part with it was just so cute! Then I put some other goodies in it! (Pardon my messy mail stack below)! Using my embroidery stitches on my machine I stitch the bottom closed with these hearts! The idea is when you look inside you know someone cared enough to put them there for you! Everyone could use a little love! Even a stranger! I love how the zipper end comes out on the pouch! Definitely want to make more!