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ALYOF April Goal

A day late and a dollar short! Late is to late to enter the Linky Party but I will share my April goal anyway! I am working on a Noodlehead's Open Wide Zippered Pouch for a swap on Instagram It is my April Goal! I found out my partner likes Cotton + Steel ! It wasn't until I did further stocking (research) I found out she really loves the mustangs. So using the fabrics in both these photos I will create her personal open wide zipper pouch using the Noodlehead tutorial. I love Anna's patterns and tutorials, the directions are clear and step by step. I am learning more from each swap I do. You are not required to put anything more into the swap besides the pouch. But I have picked up a few little odds and ends sewing notions mostly that I hope she will like and make her laugh and happy she joined the swap. I thought a pincushion would be nice so I found this blue feather to paper piece by What the Bobbin? and it is free in the Craftsy Pattern section. Mine does no