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Treasure Hunting

One Person Trash Can Be Another's Treasure! I love to go to Flea Markets, garage/yard sales, antique malls, and sometimes just a stand on the side of the road. The hunt for something is just as much fun as the find! These are the items I found this past weekend. I really love this quilt! The woman I bought it from said it was a "Summer Quilt"! It has no batting between the front and the back! I brought it home washed it up and put it on my side of the bed! It is all hand sewn! Paid $25 I found this beautiful old sewing box (it has a little damage the side handles seem to break on these boxes) in the back corner of a booth full of all kinds of things. Nothing was marked or organized. For me that means either they bargain or you get eBay prices! You never know unless you ask! (Also shown in the first photo) When I did she started fumbling with her phone! So, I made her a quick offer of $20 and she took it! I got home and looked on eBay and what do you know they sell for