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Patchwork Threads Giveaway

I am a real lover of PATCHWORKTHREADS But recently I had a problem when I ordered (3) t-shirts, ((1) Unisex XL, (1) Womens XXL, (1) Unisex XXL)! I normally buy Unisex XXL just because I like a little room and the longer length but they only had a Womens XXL in the shirt I wanted. See the size difference? The teal shirt is the Womens XXL (very tight on my 40 DDs), and the light gray is a Unisex XL (which fits me fine)! Oops! Has this happened to you? I hope not, but if your my size - 18w it probably has because there is no standards for sizes in America. Do you have a few you threw in a drawer because it was just to tight.What am I getting at? If you order from Patchwork Threads and you are my chest size 40 DD or wear 18W a Unisex XL will fit you but if you want to cover your behind order the Unisex XXL. While I am being so honest, I am 52 years old and weigh 197 pounds. Why I love PATCHWORKTHREADS - they make top quality t-shirts! The one I am wearing above has been wash at le…