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Iron Tote/Mat

Getting Retreat Ready I bought this pattern about 5 years ago thinking it was a great idea! I really needed one! It drives me nuts to go to a class and everyone is waiting around one iron. Never again will I be standing wasting sewing time for an iron and when I am done - button it up and go home. I am going to my first retreat with Quilter's Square Super excited! Now I just need a free pattern for a cutting mat/ruler holder! If you know where a free one is please leave a comment! Do you have a little binding basket? You should, then it doesn't roll across the room! Your dog, cat, children don't unroll it playing catch! I used (2) outside fabrics (2) layers of cotton batting (1) layer of Insul Bright The pattern called for a heat resistant pad on the inside fabric but I did not have any So I used what I had on hand with the Insul Bright! Nice place to press my pieces! Oh no! I did something wrong but what? How to fold the Iron Tote/Pressing Mat together? Kaye Wood sh