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Wanna Make Your Own

Button, button who's got the button? Me that's who! On one of my special projects I needed 3 buttons! Now you have to realize I have hundreds maybe thousands of buttons! In old Mason jars throughout our home. I think they add character to a room. They are great for teaching children how to count. Once David needed a hundred somethings in a project and I sewed a hundred red buttons to his shirt to wear that day. He went through almost every Mason I had searching for just the right red buttons. It was great fun! I have buttons that belonged to my Great Grandma, she would cut them off the old clothes to warn to be useful and keep them in a jar. Then use them when needed. My Grandma gave me that jar as a young woman and as I found old buttons at flea markets and garage sales I have added to them. I have a few really old Military buttons I keep in my safe after my Mom saw on the Antique Roadshow they might be Civil War. Let's just say "I have buttons"! Tod