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Sewing Service Alert

SEWING SERVICE ALERTDo you have a problem
with dumping your bobbins out?

Scattered all over the floor?

Drop the box
of one of these?

The lid POPS off?

Then your left looking under
tables, chairs, through your sewing boxes?

Finding them a week later covered in dust!

That was my life! Ugh!
So frustrating! Dritz
Has solved my problem!

Dritz Bobbin Box for Sewing

Use this Dritz Heavy Duty Bobbin box to organize
and easily find your sewing bobbins

Heavy duty clear plastic case;
Latching lid keeps items secure and in place
Box is made of sturdy, durable plastic;
Thread colors visible through box

I am so happy!
I hope you can find this product at your
local JoAnn's (coupon), Walmart,
or sewing center (no shipping)!
Online Retailers
JOANN fabric and craft stores (online $7.99)
Walmart (online $6.43)

If nothing else follow the link above
to Amazon and buy it for

(This recommendation is completely my own)!
(Unsponsored Post)

Almost as happy as Zoey was when
she figured out how to
get out of a tied up

She …