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Did You Know

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday! Did you know that if you follow "In The Boon Docks", I always check to see if you have a blog and follow your blog back! I try to always friend back on Facebook and Instagram. Did you know that my blog mailing bill averages about $50 a month! Did you know I hate waiting on a blog to load because of the ads! Did you know that "In The Boon Docks", makes no money $$$ , (I will disclose I do get free product sometimes). I blog for the fun of getting to know people not for income. Did you know that I am a professional at nothing but love to try most anything . Learning new skills is how to keep your brain working. (So I heard some place)! Did you know that My Blogging Goal for 2016 is to have 1,000 blog Followers on Bloglovin. If you don't follow by Bloglovin please consider it! Link>>>>>> In The Boon Docks | Bloglovin’ Did you know I knew nothing about blogging when I started 4 years ago! Iwanted to ent