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ALYOF February 2015

ALYOF February Finishes My goal for February was to piece a quilt, which I did. But instead of being the top it became the back. I have really had a hard time writing this post. Usually I am writing about a quilt I have done and showing you everything but today I can't! I did have a lot of fun making it. Freespirit has really created a quality fabric! Bright beautiful colors. I love the feel of the Modern Solids. The perfect thickness. Probably not the right word for it but they are. When you make something out of them you know it will last and last. I know you can understand that! Will I use them again! YES, I love them! (100) 5" squares of 75 colors is a dream come true for this lover of color Denyse Schmidt's DS Modern Solids Charm Pack This quilt ended up as a backing for another quilt and is very simplistic but meaningful to me! I also sewed the front but I can't share it. One day maybe but not today! Almost as soon as it was done it was whisked away

ALYOF February Goal

As my goal for February 2015 I am go to take all these lovely colors and piece a quilt top! I am in love with Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids , if you have followed this blog for any length of time I always use a certain solid but that has changed since I felt this charm pack. Love this orange (It is perfect for a background)! The design is in my head and scribbled on a piece of scrap paper! So I am ready, before March I will have it done! (100) 5" squares of 75 colors is a dream come true for this lover of color Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids I saw this pattern tonight over at noodlehead showing the totes her and her family made, it's not one of her patterns (surprise) it belongs to the talented (Then I borrowed her photo to show you)! Shannon @Very Shannon called the Free Reversible Box Tote , I went right away to download it! Wouldn't this tote look great in 2 1/2" squares of these love solids! I am linking up with Sew Bittersweet designs for A Lovely Year Of

Good Deal on Denyse Schmidt DS Collection

Last night I was reading Rita's Red Pepper Quilts , Stash Update from last Sunday and was happy to find Denyse Schmidt DS Quilts Collection. Which is sold at Jo-Ann's! I went to Joann's today because I hate to pay shipping and I had a coupon for 20% off the total purchase. Well guess what? They are normally $12.99 but they are on sale until Saturday for $9.09 a piece. You can find them online at Jo-Ann but you will have to pay shipping. If they are not marked on sale in the store don't worry they are! The coupon is only for instore. I purchased them for $7.27 a piece and you can too if you get the ad mailed to your home. If you haven't signed up for JoAnn coupons you should at a store most of the coupons are redeemable on-line. Save money on supplies! They even have an iPad app at JoAnn App DS Quilts collections are available from Jo-Ann Stores in the USA. Rita said on her blog that they will be available at a store called Spotlight in Australia. But sh