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We Remember

I think this image pretty much sums it up for me! When we look to the future we have educate the children about what happened on this day so many years ago! Do not hide the fear you felt or the fact the United States of America was attacked by terrorists! As long as there are terrorist there is no peace. Never Forget! God Bless America!Take a moment today and pray for the people in the USA! Thank you
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September 11 A Day Of Mourning

I pray the survivors, their families, and the families of the murdered will find peace and get justice for themselves and their loved ones. I hope to live without fear of this ever happening again but I doubt that time will come! Where were you?Create and be unique - Lisa

September 11, 2014 We all need to Remember

I found this news blog from another part of the world that shows why we cannot forget!

30 pictures of 9/11 that show you why you should never forget!

It is hard to scroll through the photographs
When history is ignored it repeats!

We cannot allow terror to rule our lives!

So scroll through and send a prayer (good thought) to all those people,
their families, and friends!

A Nation 13 years later still in mourning!

Thank you, Lisa