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ALYOF February 2015

ALYOF February Finishes My goal for February was to piece a quilt, which I did. But instead of being the top it became the back. I have really had a hard time writing this post. Usually I am writing about a quilt I have done and showing you everything but today I can't! I did have a lot of fun making it. Freespirit has really created a quality fabric! Bright beautiful colors. I love the feel of the Modern Solids. The perfect thickness. Probably not the right word for it but they are. When you make something out of them you know it will last and last. I know you can understand that! Will I use them again! YES, I love them! (100) 5" squares of 75 colors is a dream come true for this lover of color Denyse Schmidt's DS Modern Solids Charm Pack This quilt ended up as a backing for another quilt and is very simplistic but meaningful to me! I also sewed the front but I can't share it. One day maybe but not today! Almost as soon as it was done it was whisked away