Happenings here in the boon docks


Happenings Here In The Boon Docks

Our daughter Ashley goes up and picks them with an apple picker.

This time of year the pears get ripe!
It is a family affair if your not picking out of the tree you are picking them up off the ground.

Then of course we have to have rides for the little ones!

Our dog George and our littlest granddaughter Sarah!

Sarah does love pears, she ate almost as many as she picked up!

Our chicken coop is a fun place for the little ones who love to feed them. 

We have 8 chickens, raised from chicks.

I have been away since March and plan to drop back in. Try to show you everything I've sewn and tips and tricks. I still have a few up my sleeve. So much going on in the world, I haven't had much to say.

 I do, but not to share at this time.  Focus on sewing, home, and family!

Love all of you, Lisa


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