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Trinket Sew Along Week 2

Trinket Sew Along Week 2 with   Alison Glass   (Click link to find out about the sew along) Once again these block where not difficult and fun to do! Home life was busy here so I completed my 15 blocks in two days.  The sew along has you make one block a day of each block! I loved making the little boats! I thought of our Sailors days they said  “A red sky at night was a sailors delight!” The meaning being calm seas! If you are on Instagram, I am @intheboondocks, (Please follow, I will follow back)   and the way to see everyones blocks Is in the Search section type in the tag #tricketsal  last I read there are 5,000 blocks! I think the best part is seeing everyones differences  in how they interpret what color choices to use! Lines 1 - 10 Well today starts week 3 the lines are over and it is onto Shapes! Thank you for reading and following along! Create and be unique, Lisa

Trinket Sew Along Week 1 Blocks

The   Trinket Sew Along  started last week. If you click on the link you can find out all about it and where to get the pattern!  The picture above is the look I am striving to achieve, with some variations of course.  I did decide to use Moda Grunge for the background instead of gray I am going with the Grunge Black! Each day Monday - Friday you post that days block! I am making 3 blocks for each day!  The FPP (foundation paper piecing) blocks are not hard or time consuming! A pattern even a beginner can do! I am using Alison Glass fabrics I have collected over the years.  But you can use any fabrics you like! Most of my block are made from 5” charm squares! Lines #4 is my favorite block for Week 1! If you need help with FPP search the site in the search block.   I have tips and tricks.  Have a look in my toolbox! Tools in my toolbox Our Birthday Girl Sarah turned 1 on march 14, 2019 Thank you for reading! Create and be Unique Lisa