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Sailor Top at such a great price

I am doing a bit of selfish sewing! I wanted a nice wardrobe to wear in sticky, hot, Florida, that is cotton. Why because I am a 50 something woman who hates to sweat. Have you heard of Creativebug it is a online crafting learning site. I love it, I pay $4.95 a month to watch anything on the site. I can save one course a month to watch forever. This is the Sew a Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger - Creativebug course which came with the pattern. You can do the Creativebug 14 day free trial and get the course and pattern free and make yourself one too! What a great deal. Then when you fall in love with all the different courses available you can pay a one time fee or $4.95 a month and lifelong learn something. The Fancy Tiger Craft ladies are great instructors and go step by step with you to make this awesome blouse! I could have never made it without the video, but with it, it was a snap! I am off now to go make a few more shirts for myself! Can't live my life in just teeshirt

Happy Anniversary FQS

Happy Anniversary Fat Quarter Shop & Kim Jolly!     Time to go shopping! They are giving away 13 amazing gift find out more here: Celebrate Fat Quarter Shop's 13th Birthday with a SALE & 13 Great Giveaways! - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber Thank you for reading and have a great day! Lisa     Create and be unique - Lisa

Happy Anniversary Farm Girl Vintage

    "Farm Girl Layer Cake Block" Happy Anniversary on the one year release of "Farm Girl Vintage" Author/Designer/Blogger Lori Holt! Bee In My Bonnet I knew the first time I read the book "Farm Girl Vintage" would be a hit! A year later the books are still flying off the shelves! Available here Farm Girl Vintage Book Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet #ISE-906 | Fat Quarter Shop . The Sew Along was such a great time and very successful. I bought an extra copy for my daughter when I gave her a sewing machine. The patterns are great for beginners to advanced sewers. This book is a keeper! I do projects out of many books and donate them. Not this book, I go back to it time and time again. I keep hoping for second book with all the new patterns that have been released over the last year!       I'll stop horsing around now!   You can get your own pattern of "Farm Girl Layer Cake Block" over at the - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber   It wa

Sewing to Relax

  When was the last time it was you, the sewing machine and Aurifil! With everything in the news we should all take a few minutes for ourselves and relax. Take a dark piece of fabric some nifty colored Aurifil. I chose #5007, it looks gray on the spool but comes out "Ice Blue". Beautiful color, like all the different shades of Aurifil thread!   What you need to get started - piece of fabric, piece of batting, 50 wt thread and your sewing machine. Then just start picking stitches from your machine. You will find some take awhile and others just zip down the road.   Hopefully, this will take your mind off of all the problem in the world. It has really helped me this morning. It doesn't take a lot of thinking and it is good practice. Almost every machine has at least 15 different stitches. Use the completed project in a pillow.   The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is collecting heart blocks and quilts for the victims and the families. You can go here to find out more

Here We are Again

Spent the better part of the morning looking for the boxy pouch pattern I used at Christmas before realizing a link might be on the blog. Nope, not very smart of me. Here it is for those of you who have someone taking medicine or traveling Pink Stitches: Boxy Pouch Tutorial I need to make few for my daughter this weekend.     My daughter is doing great and is very impressed with smaller scar. The hospital stay was long but uneventful. Mamaw and David at 5th grade graduation! Two day later she was rushed to the hospital with terribly low blood pressure. She was release on Wednesday of this week and we still have no idea what happened. She continues to improve and we are so grateful!   I did find time in between hospital visit to complete my Pool Tote Swap Package . I made the bag before my daughter's surgery. Designed by me, which was very fun. The straps were the hardest part but after a few Youtube videos I realized it was best to sew the bottom first. The little Strawb

Forever changed

This is not my regular kind of blog post but after a curious afternoon I went looking for this film to see for myself and am forever changed. Sit down and watch it. Be grateful for the right to decide your own fate. I have spent a lifetime being an independent woman. How little did I know I have taken all these liberties for granted. I just watched this Oscar winning documentary and cannot imagine being treated as a piece of property. I have always respected others way of life but am shaken to the core that women in today's world are treated in this way. I think women should watch this to know that these practices are still out there and support change. I don't know how but something should be done. A Girl In The River - YouTube Please feel free to leave comments. Maybe I should not share this but I share my life here. Thank you Lisa Create and be unique - Lisa