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Aurifil Survey and Giveaway (10 Winners)

Aurifil Wants To Know Survey

Cotton + Steel

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap Well with everything going on you wouldn't think I would find the time to get my swap quilt done. The time spent working on it brought me great relief during such crisis! I love creating! Doing all the fussy cutting months ago when my husband and I got snowed in! A couple of weeks ago while my daughter was in the hospital my husband worked a little intervention and sent me to Quilters Square to visit my little friend Kaia (babies always bring me happiness)! They have a large selection of beautiful Modern and Traditional Fabrics. The staff are all talented quilters willing to help with fabric selections and sewing. The online shop is amazing as the shop located in Lexington, KY, if your travels bring you through Kentucky stop by the shop and visit! You will love what you see! I got it all sewn together during my visits to play, sew, and shop! One day last week before Kristin awoke I quilted it in her diningroom in Kentucky! I machine sewed the


Enjoying our Anniversary (18 years) and hubby's birthday! Enjoy your Summer! Thank you for stopping by! -Create and be Unique - Lisa Location: Polynesian Isle Blvd,Kissimmee,United States

Le Challenge - Single

Link to Le Challenge I made this pillow for my daughter last week after she got out of the hospital! The pattern is from Lori Holt's new book "Farm Girl Vintage", I told her "I love my little chick"! A Single chick how is that for this months Single at Le Challenge! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Thank you for stopping by! I am linking up at Le Challenge! -Create and be Unique - Lisa Location: New Jesup Hwy,Dock Junction,United States


Continued Recovery My daughter and I visited Zoey at her other Grandparents! She is doing well and is happy to be with them during this crisis in our lives! We am so grateful to them! I know Kristin can't wait to have Zoey home with her again! Thank you for your prayers! -Create and be Unique - Lisa Location: Passage Mound Way,Lexington,United States

Quilters Square - A Visit

When I came to UK Lexington, KY, I left in a hurry. Not my normal sewing things I travel with and certainly no sewing machine. After a week, I think my husband new I needed a little break. He took me to Quilters Square and look who met me at the door! Little Kaia could bring a smile to any grouch! She sat on the big sewing table and kept me company while I worked on my Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt Swap. The store is really beautiful and full of any fabric you might what for your next project! She even blows kisses! I love her Hello Bear dress! Such a talented group of people own and work there! Lessons are available and online sales are available! I fell in love with Tinsel - I see a Christmas Quilt in my future! This little Bernina B215 is a powerhouse machine I really loved sewing on it! A small act of kindness by these women who own this shop really did wonders for my spirit! So instead of only having a little bit done my whole quilt top is complete! Remember when you are caring