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My goal for July was to complete (5) blocks for the Scrappy Trip Along - Bee I am happy to say I completed my goal! After last month I thought I was dust. Here they are for you to see! The Hive Mates from Round 5 Hive 3 (4) United States, (1) Great Britain, and (1) Australia all mailed on time! How it works? In August there will be a new signup for Hive 6 Signups will be announced HERE The same tutorial is used each time Quiltville's Quips & Snip! Scrappy Trip Around The World All those who signup are broken into groups of 6 people called hives! Each person has a preference that is shared with group. (I like fun novelty prints & bright modern prints) With the idea of what each hive mate wants to receive you begin searching through you fabric stash! No need to purchase any fabric use what you already have! While digging through my stash I found all sorts of fabrics to use for the round but also ones I forgot where hiding inside those plastic tubs. It inspired me to pull

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my Daddy's birthday. He is a young 79 and lives with his lovely wife in the Philippines. I miss him very much but so very happy for him to have found love with Maria. I just found out as I am writing this he is in the hospital! Get well soon Dad I love you very much! Happy Birthday my dear Daddy! These are my favorite photos of you Because you look so happy! Your namesake David learning to use the lawnmower! It is so hard when I cannot just call and say "I love you"! He is such a handsome and smart young man! We are very proud of him! Randy and I saw Zoey this last weekend in Lexington, KY! (Kristin's new place) She so reminds me of someone else at that age! Mischief in her eyes and a smile on her face! Me and my chickens! The little creatures bring me great joy! (Except when I am cleaning up poop)! Kristin came home for the 4th of July with Zoey! It sometimes hard to believe these beautiful women are my babies! All grown up! Ashley's living and work

Sew What? T-shirt Winner

Image has chosen a Winner For the Sew What? T-shirt Giveaway ! #36 Linda July 10, 2014 at 2:02 PM LOL LOL ! Yes I've taken a 'selfie'! Mine are not too good! Congratulations! I can't wait for your selfie! Last Day to shop the Fat Quarter Shop Moda Sale You are all winners in my book! Have a great weekend! Lisa

Mail Call

If you haven't entered the Giveaway for the Fat Quarter Shop T-shirt Enter Here Mail Call When I was much younger and in the Military the best time of day was Mail Call! Years later, I remember those times fondly sitting on the steps outside the helicopter hangers and reading a letter from home! Today, I love when the mail comes always hoping for some Quilty/sewing goodness to arrive! Saturday, the cutest bag arrived from my friend Susan @ The Bored Zombie She is super talented at any craft. Seems to make things with nothing! Kinda like a crafting Macgyver! You should check out her blog and see her amazing dolls, quilts, and she plays xbox too! It has three zipped pockets inside with room to hold more items on both sides. The inside fabric is as beautiful as the outside. I feel so lucky to have won this adorable zipped bag called the "Sew Together Bag" from her Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day Prize! The best gifts are those made by friends and someone you th

FQS Selfie And a Giveaway

The contest rules for #sewwhatselfie are Here - Fat Quarter Shop Blog - The Jolly Jabber BUT WAIT! To enter the #SEWWHATSELFIE you need a shirt! Let's give you a chance to win one! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop Enter to win a FQS Sew What T-shirt I know that everyone wants a Sew What? t-shirt! So today through July 16, 2014 at noon! (7 days) 1. You can leave one comment answering this Question! Have you ever taken a selfie before? If yes, why did you snap it? 2. If you are a "In The Boon Docks" follower leave an additional comment! 3. Tell your friends on Social Media (tell me how) and get another comment! I am so glad the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring this giveaway so someone can get a t-shirt for Free! Hurry up you got 3 chances to win! Spread the word! Thank you so much for reading! Create and be unique! Lisa

FQS Selfies

Today, the Fat Quarter Shop announced the Sew What? Selfie Contest Now, I love to take pictures but not of myself! I don't even own a cell phone! <b>That's right I don't own a cell phone!</b> But I have an iPad and it has a camera! So, I opened the camera app touched the little camera, on the upper righthand side, turned the camera around, so it took pictures of me, and started snapping! No I am not a beauty anymore, don't know if I ever was? But this face has served me well for 50 years! My family loves this face, especially my Grandbabies! Let's not let all the young ones win the $100 gift certificates, they are giving away (6)! Start taking selfies my friends! If you don't want anyone to know what you look like try this one! George can't figure out what's going on! She's suppose to take my picture not her own! Get a shirt and start clicking! (this link will take you there) How to Enter! 1. Take a selfie with your shirt using your c

ALYOF July Goal

A Lovely Year Of Finishes - July Goal Sorry, I am late! Well June just blew by me! I got little sewing done and did not complete my goal. Which is usually when I drop out of sight never to be heard from again! Not going to happen this time! July's Goal I am going to take this pile of lovely fabrics and make (5) blocks for my wonderful hive mates in the Scrappy Trip Along Round 5 and mail them immediately! If you are interested in a bee that has just one block to learn this is perfect! You get really beautiful blocks and have fun creating for new friends! You can never have to many friends! So maybe we can be Hive Mates in Round 6 Scrappy Trip Along - Bee Round 6 sign ups have started First I have to I have to find my sewing machine! Everything gets thrown on the table when Zoey's around! See, I am normal! Oh well, I'll get started tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by! I can hope things slow down during the month of July! Create and be unique! Lisa I am linking up with

Interesting Thought for the Day

I was reading blogs this morning and this statement really hit home for me. "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not be religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity and freedom of worship here." ~ Patrick Henry, Ratifier of the U. S. Constitution ~ Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm has many quotes by the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence! It is very interesting to read what their intentions where for our Country. Sandra is a great writer you should check out her blog. My thoughts So many of our rights have been changed by the inclusion of others within our boarders! We continue to open our doors and give refuge to those in need as good Christians. Have a great week Lisa

Treasure Hunting 2

Treasure Hunting Do you hunt for treasure at flea markets, garage/yards sales, and Estate sells? I love the hunt this time I found a couple of items and one I want to share with one of you! Is it trash or a treasure you tell me! I went to a family estate sale and found this Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt for $40! Since it was made by someone in my husbands family I really wanted it to stay in our family! I think this is a great treasure! What do you think? For now I will use it to hide some of Zoey's growing number of toys in my living room corner! Next up is this Vintage Princess Sewing Basket (It even has a Pat. Number) The lid The spool rack (Some of the pegs had fallen off and I glued them back on) The spool rack will need to be glued back inside Nice medium sized pink basket! With original strings to attach lid It is about the length of a movie or game box! (No they don't come with it) I figured since I got this sewing box that I would offer it to anyone who wants it that

Chicken Motel

Welcome friends to the new and improved Chicken Motel My husband and I spent 6 hours traveling by car yesterday and the topic of Hotel and Motel came up. A hotel has no exterior door from a room. A motel your room door opens to the outside. Hubby has worked for days to get my babies moved from our porch to a new home. With the heat our back porch is a little stinky you could say! On the left My three 1 1/2 years old laying hens On the right My four 3 months old pullets (New pen) Next comes my fenced yard! These Girls are nosy and hate anyone to steal their camera time! The new black and white speckled chickens will lay white eggs! These ladies have been good to us and have given us eggs every day for two years (in August)! The reds lay jumbo brown eggs! Thank you for stopping by the Chicken Motel! Thank you my sweet Hubby for making my new babies a room of their own! I love that guy! Do you have chickens? Where do they live? Tell us about yours? Lisa

Happy 4th of July

For those of you in the United States I wish you a Happy 4th of July! The home of the free and proud! Civil War Sailors Support your returning Veterans! Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force! They have paid for our freedom! Say a prayer for the families of the lost and the wounded! Thank you always for reading! Lisa