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Treasure Hunting

One Person Trash Can Be Another's Treasure!

I love to go to Flea Markets, garage/yard sales,
antique malls, and sometimes
just a stand on the side of the road.

The hunt for something
is just as much fun
as the find!

These are the items
I found this past weekend.

I really love this quilt!
The woman I bought it from
said it was a "Summer Quilt"!
It has no batting between
the front and the back!
I brought it home washed it up
and put it on my side of the bed!

It is all hand sewn!

Paid $25

I found this beautiful old
sewing box (it has a little damage
the side handles seem to break
on these boxes)
in the back corner of
a booth full of all kinds of things.
Nothing was marked or

For me that means either
they bargain or you get eBay prices!
You never know unless you ask!

(Also shown in the first photo)
When I did she started fumbling with her phone!
So, I made her a quick offer of $20
and she took it!
I got home and looked on eBay
and what do you know
they sell for around $150 - $200
made in th…

Inspired By Scraps

Inspired By Scraps

Welcome to In the Boon Docks!
I thought up Inspired By Scraps,
recently when I was on Instagram
browsing around trying to figure it out.
One thing people do on it is destash fabrics
(sell the leftover fabrics and scraps)!

I was excited to find and purchase
scraps from a man
I admire very much in the quilting world,
Scott Hansen ofBlue Nickel Studios!
The quilts behind quite a few famous people.
Follow him and see what I mean!
Back to scraps! Each of the fabrics was in the bag -
what a great bag I needed a pouch for my Wonder Clips Storage Do you have some who you would love
to see what is in their scrap bag? Now ever time I look
at that pouch I am reminded of the talented
Scott & Blue Nickel Studios

Would you be interest in swapping scraps
and sewing what you could create
with them after receiving them?

1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Get assign a partner
2. Send a plastic baggy of your finest
Life defining scraps to your partner!
3. Make something and link up at …

Traveling Stash Box #3 on the move

Well folks box #3 is moving
(Drum roll)
from WV to IN!

Lea Anne @ Podunk Pretties
was drawn a few minutes ago to get the box next!

I have another box to post about soon!
So don't give up yet my friends!

Thank you to those that entered!
Create and be unique!

Sewing Service Alert

SEWING SERVICE ALERTDo you have a problem
with dumping your bobbins out?

Scattered all over the floor?

Drop the box
of one of these?

The lid POPS off?

Then your left looking under
tables, chairs, through your sewing boxes?

Finding them a week later covered in dust!

That was my life! Ugh!
So frustrating! Dritz
Has solved my problem!

Dritz Bobbin Box for Sewing

Use this Dritz Heavy Duty Bobbin box to organize
and easily find your sewing bobbins

Heavy duty clear plastic case;
Latching lid keeps items secure and in place
Box is made of sturdy, durable plastic;
Thread colors visible through box

I am so happy!
I hope you can find this product at your
local JoAnn's (coupon), Walmart,
or sewing center (no shipping)!
Online Retailers
JOANN fabric and craft stores (online $7.99)
Walmart (online $6.43)

If nothing else follow the link above
to Amazon and buy it for

(This recommendation is completely my own)!
(Unsponsored Post)

Almost as happy as Zoey was when
she figured out how to
get out of a tied up

She …

A Perfect Picnic Giveaway Winner

A Perfect Picnic Giveaway Winner

to the Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate to
Pink Chalk Fabrics
and a pack of UNO cards
from David & I!

Scrapatches June 6, 2014 at 7:23 AM
Of course, I am a follower. I love visiting in the boon docks. I also enjoy visiting Pink Chalk Fabrics and wishing I could buy out the shop. Lost of great goodies there! This time I went straight to one of my favorite corners of the shop and eyed the organic fabrics. I have been wanting some of the Mona Luna ones to sew for my new granddaughter. Thanks for the chance to win ... :) Pat

Have fun picking out your fabric Pat!

Thank you Kathy Mack! We had a great time!

I appreciate the generosity of a Sponsor like
Kathy Mack owner
of Pink Chalk Fabrics
and blogger at Pink Chalk Studio

If you haven't signed up for the
Pink Chalk Studio newsletter
you are missing some great information
each week to find what great colors go
with what new fabric lines!
New Modern Fabrics
New Patterns
Plus great SALES
and sewing ti…

Traveling Stash Box 3 - USA

Traveling Stash
Box #3 is moving June 26, 2014

Hurry and leave a comment
for a chance for a visit!

I love the traveling Stash boxes
and haven't won one since 2012.
Super excited to dig and replace from box #3
I received from the Traveling Stash Administer herself!
Tricia @ Ramblings of a Quilter
I posted about the boxes to ask what
readers might like to see
in the boxes here!

I am hoping I did a great job refilling this box
and everyone will want to try and win the drawing
to get some goodies for yourself and add
some great stuff for the next person too!

If you can't find $13 worth of goodies in this box
Let me know, maybe I forgot that special something!

Tricia and I want to get the Traveling Stash on the road again!

You can read more about the boxes
and find out available ones
Traveling Stash Box
Check back often!

Patterns in Box 3 The Stash The Notions What I took out to Keep for Me I know a great group of ladies who
make Clothing Protectors for Hospice
so I re…

Giveaway Alerts

Giveaway Alert

Lee over at May Chappell
is having a huge giveaway
for her Blog Anniversary.
So click on over and enter!
Happy Anniversary Lee!

Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway for
$25 Gift Certificate to
Pink Chalk Fabrics
at In The Boon Docks (click here to enter)
and a pack of UNO cards!

Giveaway ends June 20, 2014

You may have noticed the blog looks different?

I was adding something in layout mode
and someone bounced on the bed
right at the moment I was clicking
a button and next thing I knew
everything was rearranged. Argh!
I tried to recover and no such luck!
Bare with me while I
try to get it back together!

Let me know if you are having
trouble getting things to load
I am trying a few new things!
(No big time web designer here, just me)

Thank you always and forever for coming back!
Create and be unique!

Giveaway Reminder & Your opinion matters

Giveaway Reminder

Currently there is a giveaway taking entries for at In the boon docks$25 Gift Certificate to Pink Chalk Fabricsand a pack of UNO cards!

Giveaway ends June 20, 2014

Your Opinion Matters

I recently won (2) different Traveling Stash Boxes

Boxes #2 & #3

There is so much good stuff in these box – patterns, notions, books, and fabric.

This is open to US mailing addresses only – sorry international guests. :-(
(International Postal Rates)

You must be willing to pay the $12 or so dollars to ship to the next person!

You must be willing to replace the equivalent value and/or type of product that you took out (Only Quilt Shop Quality Fabric)

Please realize the box is NOT A PRIZE. You don't get to keep the whole box of stuff. You take what you want from the box and then replace it with items of equal (or better) value. That means if you take 5 fat quarters you replace with the equivalent of 5 fat quarters. Or if you clean out the patterns and books, you put some new ones in th…

Happy Fathers Day Dad

My father taught me love is very important part of marriage!
He taught me your spouse should be your best friend!

He taught me unconditional love for your children
And parents was very important
To love yourself!

To find love you first had to love yourself!

He taught me many thing over the years
But the most important was that no matter what he loved me!
(I love you too)!
This is my Father with his wife Maria!
I could not have asked for a better step-mom.
She cares and loves my father very much.
He is a lucky man to have her!
Which is hard to find at any age.

Without you Dad
I would have never had these people in my life!
Thank you so very much! I love you!
I hope you have a great day!

The Man of my dreams

Happy Anniversary, Happy Father's Day, and Happy Birthday

Today is our 17th Wedding Anniversary

I want to thank my husband for loving me through thick and thin,
sickness and in health,
being my friend and companion through it all.
Loving me even when I couldn't love myself,
when I was broken he helped me through it all.
You still makes my heart sing!

Thank you so much for your sweet, gentle heart and loving me Randy!
I love you for everything you have given me
I knew then I was a lucky woman to have you
and am still today!
You still rock my world! Happy Fathers Day

You are the Best Father these children could have!
Through two daughters, a son/grandson,
and now a granddaughter, birthdays,
band, marching band, proms, high schools,
softball games, baseball, soccer,
basketball, and now Tae Kwon Do three times a week!

You have provided the children and grandchildren
with the best example of a father and pawpaw!

Thank you for all the hard work you give to raising children
And proving for us ev…

Need a great Fathers Day Gift

Greg Cartwright makes the most beautiful pens!
You can have Dad's name etched on it!
So many to pick from at
Cartwright's Creations

At a very reasonable cost!
Each on has a story of its own!

So go take a look and get one for your Father!
He has fancy and plain ones available in his shop!
The kids need to buy a present -
Have one engraved with the kids names
So each time he uses it -
He thinks of his children!

I don't know how Rusty snuck himself onto the blog!

Don't forget Dad!

(We has few made)
Don't tell it's a secret

Thanks for stopping by!

Pink Chalk Giveaway & Mail

Perfect Picnic Blog Hop Giveaway

Have you entered my
Pink Chalk Fabrics
Please take a minute and enter!
Then look around at the others in
Perfect Picnic Blog Hop from
Madam Samm @ Sew We Quilt

A Giveaway Day Prize Arrives

I love Giveaway Day @Sew Mama Sew.
Participating is a blast you get
to see so many new blogs
and visit blogs you love! Find new followers and
enter giveaways yourself all in one place.
Sometime you even win!
I won twice and the first has just arrived a few days ago
all the way from the United Kingdom!
I entered mostly handmade item giveaways
(I like other's creations)
and I really felt like a winner when this little parcel from
Amy @[Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans
showed up in the mailbox!

Amy is so creative!
I love everything she makes!
Even the packaging!
I am keeping the house too!
Details, it is all in the details!
(I need to learn something from this
because seeing it made me so happy)!

I set it on my tote bag I am working on!
I won her CUTE Mouse pincushion!