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Cartwright Seam Ripper Giveaway

Welcome my friends and those who maybe visiting for the first time!

Today, I am so excited to introduce you to a true
West Virginian Artesian, Greg Cartwright, of Cartwright's Creations.
His items are sold in historical shops throughout West Virginia.

He is a lover of reclaimed wood of historical nature
and creator of works of art!

Greg (Cartwright's Creations) & IA note from Greg

Dear Readers

I have provided two seam rippers to Lisa
so she can have one and one to give away.

They are both made from beautiful old growth oak which was reclaimed from the original train depot in Weston (Lewis County), West Virginia. Train service was established in Weston around 1880. This wood is representative of a great part of my passion for this venture in woodworking for me – that is finding wood with a story to it. I must admit that my main focus is pens and pencils but it really doesn’t matter what I am making as long as it is from wood (although I have recently added pens made of …

Fabriholics Anonymous April Check-in

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic! The other members and I are on a fast to buy no new fabric until July 2014 and use only the fabrics we have in our stash for (6) months. Month (4) is almost over and I am here to share my results with you today at Fabriholics Anonymous April Check-in!

So the good part is I did not spend a lot of money
bad part while I was cooped up in bed I shop the sales!
I admit I was bored!
Bad combination sick/hurt, bored, and a iPad!

Naughty in April - I'll be sewing all summer!

Rebecca and Jess showed your their lovelys so I'll show you mine!

April Showers - I loved Zoey's dress (Deal of the Day) Kaffe Shot Cottons and Craftsy had them on sale!
Usually way to expensive for me.
Quilt for hubby and I in the future!

New dress or romper for Zoey's summer wardrobe! Can you say a gift for hubby - new pillow cases (Fathers Day)! I always need solids and these all looked like great spring colors! Bluebird Park - I love Birdie and Kate!

Have You seen a pattern for this outfit?

I bought this outfit for Zoey at a garage sale and she loves to wear it.
It is also impossible for her to strip herself in it!

Ever had a streaker?

If she doesn't have something covering her diaper she rips it off!
She spent time at our house practicing!

I would like to make her some for summer but I don't even know what it is called so any help would be appreciated!

Leave a comment if you can help!

Thanks in advance!

Create and be unique!

ALYOF - April Finishes

My goal forAprilwas to create something out of this awesome fabric! The fabric reminds me of the Russian Olympics (lots of pizzaz)
and beautiful colors! Well I completed my goal and just got it back from the quilter, my wonderful friend, Irene Hensley, (love the hearts),
my only problem is it is not ready to be revealed.

So, here is a corner to prove I made the goal.
I did make something of the fabric and soon all shall be revealed.

Second item I completed this month was making Zoey an Easter dress. If you want an easy pattern that turns out beautiful I highly recommend
the Cottage Mama Party Dressand it is a FREE pattern. Read my post here for more details. I love April Showers fabric but now I just need to make her one for May Flowers! Got any suggestions?

About this time was when everything went crazy - both kids got sick, I threw out my back, and I got sick. I had so much to do!
Flat on my back and miserable.
I even threw a pity party (terrible right)!

First rule of blogging …

April Showers

If you are looking for a spring dress I have found the perfect one for you!
Your daughter/granddaughter will look beautiful
and the pattern is my favorite - FREE!

When you signup for The Cottage Mama Newsletter The Party Dress Pattern is your free gift from Lindsey Wilkes. The pattern was very easy for a beginner (me) and the dress looks like I bought in a store but better quality! I see more of these in Zoey's future!

Now for the beautiful fabric! I got it from Southern Fabricthe owner
Aubrey is just the nicest woman providing excellent customer service and even helping pick fabric for Zoey's dress!
April Showers by Bonnie and Camille.
I loved it so much I bought a layer cake to make a quilt too!

You really should check outSouthern Fabric! The "Sale of the Day" are always a great savings! They carry all the latest fabric and have a one of a kind sales section! My kind of place to shop! Zoey Loved Hunting For Eggs!

That look on her face is why I do it!I am getting b…

Pity party giveaway winner

Congratulation! You have won a bag of my scraps!

Marjorie NathApril 15, 2014 at 8:01 PM
So sorry that you are feeling bad and that your grands were sick too. Have a short pity party topped with chocolate in bar form or as hot chocolate. I'll join the party just for the sake of my back.

I had a Pity Party and was blessed to have over a hundred
comment wishing me well.
That is so uplifting!
Thank you all for you beautiful Kind words!
Never in my life did I think that would happen!
Soon to be back creating!


Happy Easter

I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter!

Enjoy this holiday with family and friends!

We are not all the same and I accept you as you are and I hope you will accept me as I am!

I borrowed the bunny from one of the most creative people I know the
Madam Samm @ Sew We Quilt

I am getting better but still unable to sew!
Sew and be Creative!

The Pity Party Giveaway
Ends at Midnight April 20, 2014!

Pity Party Giveaway

Welcome to the Pity Party!

Hi all! It has been a rough couple weeks here on the home front for me!

I love this blog and all the friends I have made over the last two years but there are times when I don't know how or what to share. How much do I put out there without worrying about offending someone or hurting another feelings.

My Grandchildren mean the world to me but at times everything gets to be a little to much for me. For the last 10 days we had both children and they were sick.

I have deadlines I have missed and projects that have gone undone, much less started!

I have throw my back out, am on new medicines, and now have the kids cold!

I will get back to the business of creating as soon as I feel better!

I think this is what some would say a "pity party"!

Oh yes, it is snowing here in the hills of West Virginia! It was almost 70 degrees yesterday and today cold. So, maybe that is also causing my whiney attitude. Hopefully, in a day or two I will be cheerful …

Bloggers Beware

Wendy at The Crafter's ApprenticeSent me an email that my work and that of many others was being pirated! But I don't even know what kind of website it really is?

Quilt Patterns ProI do say it almost looks like Bloglovin?

Any ideas?
Blogger's you might want to see if you are there too! Not just links but whole post's!

But they are doing in through feedburner which is our RSS Feeds. After you login to feedburner go under Analyze and under uncommon uses. I bet you find them there!
On a sweeter note Zoey is visiting! Poor George she has decided he is hers.

Thank you for stopping by

Wanna Make Your Own

Button, button who's got the button?

Me that's who!

On one of my special projects I needed 3 buttons! Now you have to realize I have hundreds maybe thousands of buttons! In old Mason jars throughout our home. I think they add character to a room. They are great for teaching children how to count.

Once David needed a hundred somethings in a project and I sewed a hundred red buttons to his shirt to wear that day. He went through almost every Mason I had searching for just the right red buttons. It was great fun! I have buttons that belonged to my Great Grandma, she would cut them off the old clothes to warn to be useful and keep them in a jar. Then use them when needed. My Grandma gave me that jar as a young woman and as I found old buttons at flea markets and garage sales I have added to them. I have a few really old Military buttons I keep in my safe after my Mom saw on the Antique Roadshow they might be Civil War.

Let's just say "I have buttons"!

Today …

ALYOF April Goal

ALYOF - April Goal

Hi everybody! My goal this month is to take this stack of beautiful fabric and create something! Shhhhhh, it's a secret! It is one of the most important things I need to do!

Have you ever over booked your time and everything is due around the same time? That seems to be what I have done to myself! It is all fun stuff and opportunities I want to have again! So, if I am not sharing much right now hopefully in the near future I will!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Create and be unique!

I am linking to bittersweet designs