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ALYOF - February Finished

if you are looking for Stitch On Prints February Giveaway

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks", I hope you see something that inspires you! A Lovely Year Of Finishes is a place to set your monthly goals and try to keep them! I find lots of different ideas that I would not have thought of without going through the blogs. Take the time to stop by a few and leave encouraging comments on what you see!

I set my goals for February ALYOF - February Goals
Found a way to make some ruffles but I can't show you more yet!
Visit March 5th for the big reveal and a great giveaway! The pouches got finished and all the blocks and I even participated in Le Challenge! Zoey got her pillow and it is almost time to come and visit again. Extra this month - Finishing David's new crocheted blanket was a big hit! When kids get a little older instead of a baby blanket they need a throw of their own. At least that is what he told me!

In the end I think I set to many goals so for March I might just l…

Stitch on Prints February and Giveaway

Stitch on Prints

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks"! 2014 is going to be the year of Experiments. "Stitch on Prints" is taking a turn from hand stitching only to include experiments in the use of different weights of threads along with varying stitch sizes on your personel sewing machine to create unique looks!

The Giveaway of (2) 12 wt small spools of thread is provided by Aurifil.
Please visit our sponsor sales links provided below when you need a new spool.
Let's Learn about ThreadsSomething different - take a few minutes and watch a few YouTube videos about threads. When I started sewing I knew nothing about threads. When I had trouble with breakage the ladies at my LQS said change brands. Then I learned about Aurifil and I will never turn back.

Quilty: Different types of thread for quilting

Recently, Aurifiland the wonderfully talentedPat Sloan have released several videos

Thread Overview

Machine Piecing

Machine Quilting

Machine Applique

Machine Embroidery

Hand Pi…

What's Up Thursday

I finished the red pouch for the winner of the Grow Your Blog, Val @ Val's Quilting Studio. I hope she likes it!She has a great blog and could use some new visitors! Maybe some of you could drop by and take a look. It was the Grow Your Blog Giveaway. As I have done before, I used Aurifil 12 wt. thread in my sewing machine to accent! Now I have this pink pouch I finished and have to find a use for it! Do you use pouches to keep your things in around the house or a ziplock bag? I have been going around looking for the ziplocks and replacing them with my pouches! Looks so much neater. Speaking of Aurifil threads I moved all mine into this great Nuts and Bolts holder from the hardware store to have it all together right by my sewing machine. Looking at the hardware store for storage options can be very rewarding. The craft stores have similar products at twice the cost. You would be amazed at what you can find. Finished my block for the Aurifil Designer of the MonthThis months …

Fabriholic February Check In

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic! The other members and I are on a fast to buy no new fabric until July 2014 and use only the fabrics we have in our stash for the next 6 months. One month is almost over and I am here to share my results with you today at Fabriholics Anonymous!

I am sad to say I failed miserably and fessed up to it publicly so that I would try harder in the future! So everyone knows I posted here more for myself than for anything. That was the end of January! Since then the only thing I bought was my Moda Candy Club (club I was in before I joined) that is used for theQuilters Candy Unwrappedand FQS Mini Charm Giveaway! We cannot buy fabric but you can win it!

Karen @CapitolaQuilteris sewing from her stash to save money to go toQuiltCon 2015, so make a goal to reward yourself! For Valentines my awesome husband paid forFree Motion Quilting A Sampler with Leah DayThe fun part is he ordered the fabric for it from Spoonflower. It pays to complain y…

Grow your Blog Winner

I really enjoyed the Grow Your Blog Blog Hop this year! After visiting over a 100 blogs some I already follow and at least 87 new (that is how many I have in my new Bloglovin group)! I am still going through the comments to make sure I follow each new one that followed
"In The Boon Docks"!GYB Winner


Valerie Reynolds January 25, 2014 at 2:17 PM
Red all the way!!!

Congratulations the red pouch it is! I just sent her an email!

Thank you for entering! Lisa

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I am so glad for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge it makes it easy to decided what color to do and to sit down pick out that color and get it done! Great idea Angela @ So Scrappy! Thank you for reminding me each month how much I want to make a rainbow. I have wanted a rainbow quilt since I started quilting and was determined this year I would make one! I know I am suppose to use scraps but I have accumulated quite a few mini charms in every color. I made 16 patch blocks for pink and blue. Last month I kept forgetting to link up so today I have both January and February's blocks to share.February Blocks - Pink January Blocks - Blue Thank you for stopping by and looking at my blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! I just love seeing those little 2 1/2" blocks in quilts. Why not join me! It is free and fun!

Create and be unique,

Linking to ScrapHappy Saturday

Le Challenge Rising Sun

Welcome to In The Boon Docks
For Le Challenge - Rising Sun

(Look hardly any snow left from yesterday, but more expected tonight) I made this quilt for the "Wake Up To Kona" Blog Hop! I named it "No one is Perfect but God"! The reason for the name was a discussion David (8) and I had over a mistake I made on this quilt. He was very disturbed that I mixed my yellows on the bottom row insisting I make it perfect! I told him nothing is ever perfect if you look hard enough you can find something wrong with everything. So, we should always try to look for the beauty in everything and everyone we look at and not for the mistakes. My color mixup was just a happy accident and that "No one is perfect but God". I don't know if I should have told him all that over a quilt but trying to teach children to be kind to all and there is beauty in everything (even with mistakes). You do not need to strive to be perfect just do your best. One persons best may not …

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from
In The Boon Docks!
I wish you all a wonderful day with family and friends! Think I will stay in today out of the snow.

Thank you for following
Create and be unique,
My Husband said if you are praying for snow - please stop we have had enough - Lisa.

Stay warm and remember animals who live outside need fresh water twice a day. Their water in the bowls are frozen! Thank you!

Sew Kitschy February Block

Sew Kitschy Cookie Jar Block

Quiet Play

On her blog Kristy talks about these first two patterns being easy. I agree, but for me it is humiliating that something so small could cause me such trouble so I kept at it and finally finished! My seam ripper is my friend. For newbies like me don't get discouraged anything worth learning is never easy. I have looked at many other patterns and Kristy's are excellent and these two are much easier than others. I just hope I have learned a few tricks by the time we get to Miss Betty or I might never finish! This is the year to Experiment so I am in til the end. How do you think Miss Betty would look with her head on backwards?

Thank you Kristy for such a great BOM!

I went over to read what some of the other participant's in the BOM were posting on their blogs and was happy to find it is not just me (that always makes me feel good) that is a beginner! Yippee!

I also found this poster at Jules from Key Elementshopefully she doesn'…

February Am I getting anything done

The Grow Your BlogGiveawayis open until February 15th! If you haven't entered please stop by and enter to win a pouch made by me!I thought I would share with everyone my progress with my February Goals and blocks. Our sweet beauty has returned to her parents with her pillow and things are getting back to normal. I am not blogging as much lately due to medical issues. I assure you that I am fine - on occasion medical doctors like to change medications on patients to make sure they are receiving the best care. This usually causes discomfort and headaches on my part (the patient). So, let's get started! I have started on the Ruffles project and am about half way through! I will show you a peek but don't tell I did! Who says you can't teach an old dog a few new tricks! Over at soscrappythe Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month of February is "Pink"! - digging out the pinks I haven't started my block for the Designer BOM over at Aurifil. The Febru…

Valentines at Sew Mama Sew

Digging in my stash I found a Valentines Panel. I thought "Zoey" loves red and likes to play with pillows. I used Aurifil 12 wt. #2530 Blossom Pink to stitch her name on one side! The Blossom Pink matches the flowers color on the front! Bright and beautiful! Now I just have to think of something for my one true love! Got any ideas please share?

Thank you for stopping by,
Create and be unique,

I am linking to Sew Mama Sew Little Gifts of Love Challenge! What can you make to link up? They have prizes! Hope to see you there!

A Lovely Year Of Finishes - February Goals

if you are looking for the Grow Your BlogGiveaway!

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks", I hope you see something that inspires you! A Lovely Year Of Finishes is a place to set your monthly goals and try to keep them! I find lots of different ideas that I would not have thought of without going through the blogs. Take the time to stop by a few and leave encouraging comments on what you see!

The link to the party is here - February Goal Party February's Goals

1. If I am going to meet my Quarter Goal - I will need to make a quilt each month! I also need to make something with ruffles, so maybe I will combine the two? Have you seen many quilts with ruffles?
A little Joel Dewberry! I think this will work perfect! Valentines Day is coming! 2. Zoey is in love with red so I am going to make here a personalized Valentine this year! I need to finishes up these two pouches one for the winner of Grow Your Blog and one for my what knots! I need to keep up with my BOM's and get my b…