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First Small Quilt

Some call them mini quilts, mug rugs, and small quilts. I call them works of art. This little mini was created by Laura Ann for the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop. No, it did not come with the green fabric or frame. When I saw it in all it's loveliness, I knew it had to hang on the wall. It is just to cute to get dirty, so in a frame it went.

She also sent me dot fabric (so love it) and a sewinista button (love this too)! So lets see I collect fabric, buttons, and now individualized small works of art. Sounds good to me! I love handmade! Thanks again Laura Ann @ The Fuzzy Hat Quilter for taking the time to make this beauty as a giveaway!

So, my husband comes in and see this little quilt and says to me "since when is quilting cheap"? No matter the cost quilting has helped me through some difficult times in my life. I think I will keep sewing for a very long time. I do have a stack of projects I need to get to soon. Hopefully my body will be agreeable, if not the next w…

Japanese X and + Block.

I completed my first block for the Scrappy So Bee It! I was so nervous and excited! I hope Carla really likes it. Does anyone else get that way when sewing for someone else? Just curious, it would be nice to hear that sewing makes someone else a little crazy! It was a successful pattern to me. I had wanted to sew the block for over a year, and very excited to finally done it: Japanese X and + block. Carla's quilt will be really beautiful, I will be excited to see block placement, and the finished quilt. Until Later, Lisa

Craft Book Month

September is Craft Book Month at Craft Buds.

I love to read craft books and get inspiration! I will show you a few of my favorites books after I share my entry with the help of my grandson and niece.
I made these dishcloths to practice new stitches. I learned to properly make these 2 stitches "extended single" and "double" crochet. It is a lot of fun and the resulting dishcloths will be donated to a local group for their craft/bake sale.

"The Crochet Stitch Bible" by Betty Barnden is an excellent go to book for learning new stitches. It has over 200 stitches in it, with detailed easy to follow charts. The photographs walk you through each step. Deborah at Simply Miss Luella gave me my copy. What a great prize!
It is pumpkin picking time In The Boon Docks. These two little ones loaded up this table with all these pumpkins out of Pappaw's garden. My hats are getting well used, it has started to get cold at night here. I had to make a few for my b…

Thank you!

Dots on Dots Blog Hop Giveaway the winner is SUZE. She has been contacted by email. Random Org picked 168. I personally went through and counted, if you had more than 2 comments (some of you did) I only counted the the first two. I removed my comments of course and Suze was #168. Thank you all for playing.

The population of of followers has grown so much that I find it thrilling. Thank you all for reading In the Boon Docks Blog. I was so happy when I just knew that one person was reading and might find it entertaining. Happy Dance! Thanks again! Internet Pickles I won these pickles months ago from Thearica @ Pig Tales and Quilts. They just got ready to mail, it worked perfect. The pickles are crisp, crunchy, and delicious sweet pickles. Unfortunately, they are almost gone because everyone in the house is eating them up. Thank you Thearica Pincushions and Batiks Squares I won these from the wonderful Rachel @ The Life of Riley Thank you so much Rachel, I love pincushions. Mode…

Dots on Dots Blog Hop and Giveaway

Welcome everyone! I hope you enjoy your here In The Boon Docks!

I am excited to be participating in the Dots on Dots Blog Hop which is being hosted by
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt and Corrie @ Quilt Taffy. Thank you both for all you have done!

I kind of broke the size rule! I hope Madame Samm doesn't ban me from her blog hops because I really love blogging in them and hopping to all the other bloggers sites. So far this hop has had so many gorgeous projects I would love to make.

Dresden Plate Block

My block is 24" x 24", the fabrics I used to make this Dresden Plate are Ombre Dots by Riley Blake and Kona Cotton Solid Coal by Robert Kaufman. I followed the directions in the EZ Make A Dresden Plate Quilt Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman. The directions are very easy to read and simple to do! So excited I completed it. But last minute Lisa waited to long to write her post, so rushed the photos! I did iron it! But I have to admit it went out the window when I saw pins! I avoid p…

Where Were You?

On September 11, 2001, I had snuck away from a photography course to use the restroom. Class was on the second floor of an old brick building in Portsmouth, Virginia. The bathrooms were on the first floor. Coming out of the restroom, on an empty security desk, was a television. I saw the image of the second plane hitting the twin towers, I thought it was a trailer for a movie at first and stood there staring. When I realized that no the United States of America was under attack, I ran up the back stairs to the darkroom and turned on the lights. My teacher yelled "how one thoughtless act had destroyed everyone's work". I yelled back that "two planes just hit the twin towers". My teacher, dismissed class and everyone huddled around a 13" color tv trying to figure out what to do next. Eleven years later I still remember that day like yesterday. But does my 7 year old grandson understand or even know of this day? Tonight, I will try to explain, so tha…

Dots on Dots a little History

This quilt top belongs to Ms. Joyce Williams, (my mommy), she has owned it for many years and agreed to show it during this event. Quilt makers have used dots for decades to beautify their quilts. I thought it was interesting that the maker of this quilt did not cut off the salvege before using it in this quilt. My mother is not sure were she got the quilt top, but believes it came from one of my three great-aunts, the last one having pasted away two years ago at age 92. So how to date this quilt?

The history of the Cranston Print Works Company

I found some information on Youtube about one of the plants. This video shows the machines at Cranston Print at work Cranston Print Works

Got any ideas on how old it is please let us know.

Knifty Knitter School

I love blogging! Today I spent sometime with my friend Stacy who went out and bought a knitter after reading my blog! How cool is that! She needed a little help and now she is working on her first hat! She would like to use this as a ministry to provide hats for the homeless! I am so excited that In The Boon Docks influenced someone. Plus, I got to visit with my friend. To make the hat band do 14 rows and bring up the first row back on your knitter! Then continue on knitting until your hat large enough. Like Stacy has done here! Thanks for stopping by In The Boon Docks Stacy I had a fun afternoon! Have a great weekend everyone! Lisa

Scrappy? Sew bee it!

I am really excited to have been invited to join a group of very talented people in a "Sewing Bee". I am a little scared but excited for the challenge that this opportunity will bring. Scrappy Sew Bee It. Each month a member choses a new block for the group to sew. Then the blocks are sent to that person for their own quilt. I am looking forward to August 2013 when I think it will be my turn to chose a block. Until then I will look forward to completing new blocks with someone else in mind and color combinations I might not have considered. I cannot wait to get started. My mother informed me that when she was young these where called "Friendship Quilts". This is just on a world level. WOW

I have the blocks from my Great Aunt Caroline's friendship quilt from "1932". I would like to be involved in this to share with my grandchildren a completed quilt that showed woman from all over the world working on a collaborate effort and it is in "N…

Scrap Attack

I bought the fabric for the "Low Volume Swap" from Hawthorne Threads and when I did I purchased a scrap pack! This is what I got!!! I alway love to buy a scrap pack because usually there is such a variety and the prices are always right, 2 yards for less than the cost of one. You cannot beat that! I love those little gnomes, I would never had thought to search it out, but they are so cute! So check it out, and treat yourself to variety! It is so much fun!


Nope, no one ask me to say anything about Hawthorne Threads I just like there scrap packs! Lisa

Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party Winner

I tried out True Random Number Generator and it gave me number 136 who is:

BizyStitches - she lives in Kansas and is 63 years young.

I have sent her an email for her address. Thank you all for participating!I want to thank each and every one of you who entered the Giveaway, to me you are all winners. I enjoyed trying to keep up with all the comments but I failed. I am still working on it! Come back on September 14th for my day in Dots on Dots and we will have another Giveaway. Opened to all of our friends near and far, I will find something you all will want just as much. Thanks again for stopping In The Boon Docks and visiting for a while! Lisa

Hats - anyone wanna make one?

It is not to late to enter the giveawayHERE. You have until September 3rd to enter.

I am in love with the "Knifty Knitter", lots of companies make them, mine is made by "Provocraft". Joann Fabric and Craft Stores Online have it on sale for 25% off for $17.24 this week or you can purchase one at your local craft store. This is the loom set you want to make all sizes of hats! It comes with the looms, hook, and instructions. There are lots of things you can make using the looms!

I have had mine for a few years so they are not the same color! I can make a hat in a couple hours while watching T.V. They are lightweight and easy to carry in a tote with yarn to work on for a few minutes in a doctors office or on the bus! This yarn by Universal Yarn is selling for $8.00 a skein on internet sites today. I found it at the local "Ollie's" for $3.49 the other day and bought 4 skeins to make hats with, it is a little heavier, soft, and not itchy (very important …