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Come join the Low Volume Swap

My Giveaway is still open Quilters Blog Hop Party

Well I signed up for a swap on Flickr, the Low Volume Swap. It will be all neutrals, I realized I have lots of bright beautiful fabrics and not very many low volume. The swap is run by Rebecca of Making Rebecca Lynne. I hear there are a few more openings if you would like to join us just click on the button! We would all love to have you!These are the two fabrics I am going to use: Doily in Grey by Lori Holt Play Date by Dear StellaI hope to see you there! Lisa

Quilters Blog Hop Party

This Giveaway is CLOSED as of 9:44 pm EST

UPDATE: on Weds, August 29, 2012, Elizabeth Hartman will feature my QuiltCon Challenge Blocks at the Modern Quilt Guild. Please stop by and look at the incrediable blocks that have been made by participating members! It may inspire you to do something out of your comfort zone. Thank you for stopping by In The Boon Docks. Lisa. What an exciting week! Please take a moment to sign up for the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop!Welcome to In The Boon Docks, it is time for a giveaway for all of you! This giveaway will run from today until September 3, 2012. I am linking to the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party Page where you will find a lot more giveaways!This giveaway is open to all people near and far. You can have up to 2 entries no more.

1. Leave a comment telling me where you live and your age. If you have a problem about your age put 10 and I will know it is none of my concern. I am always curious. So you know I live in WV and I am 48.

2. If yo…

Me on Chalk Talk WOW

Hi everyone ! I am so happy that today my QuiltCon block is featured on Chalk Talk! So, anyone new stopping by welcome to In The Boon Docks, I am Lisa Johnson, a wife, mother, grandmother, and a member of the West Virginia Modern Quilt Guild. Pink Chalk Fabrics QuiltCon Block Challenge Giveaway was how I became interested in modern quilting. If I had not won this FQ bundle I may never have discovered modern quilting guilds. Which has changed my life in such a positive way.

I was so excited, but I really didn't know what to do with solid fabrics besides using them as sashings, borders, and bindings, who would make a quilt with solid colors. The answer I found was lots of people do and make beautiful quilts. I decided I better find out what the QuiltCon Block Challenge was to complete this journey. I went to the The Modern Quilt Guild and found out a lot about a movement in quilting that was made for me. And now block #1 - Fractured is being feature on Pink Chalk Fabrics"Cha…

Needle Book Finish

The giveaway for the Quilting Gallery Bog Hop is HERE

I have completed my first needle book! Hurrah! It was harder for me than a quilt! I sure hope my secret partner in the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap likes it. Do you? UPDATE
Well do you like it? This fabric is designed by Cori Dantini "A girl for every season". Note to self - never again take pictures on old ironing mat! Thank you for stopping by! Talk to you soon! Lisa

Identify this fabric?

I need some help! Have you ever seen this print before. Better yet do you know who designed it? I received it in a pack of scraps I bought! I think from Pink Chalk Fabric. I love their scrap packs because they are very generous! I love it but haven't a clue, what it is called. Please leave a comment if you know! Thanks for your help in advance! Lisa My "The August Break 2012" Photo of the Day:


Modern Scrappy Bits Swap on Flickr

I have gathered all my bits and pieces for my secret partner! I just need to make a needle book. I have really had fun with this swap. You should try one! Take a look Modern Scrappy Bits Swap The top scraps are in the bag below with some vintage 70's scraps I know she will like! Needle Case Scraps!

I am going to use these scraps to make my secret partner a needle case. Can anyone tell me the purpose of one? The August Break 2012

This little caterpillar fell from the sky and hit me in the head on Saturday! It really startled me! The kids at the birthday party (7 years old boys) thought it was hilarious. So, here he is in all his glory. My best buddy turned 7! It is hard to believe time flys so fast! Thanks for stopping by the boon docks! I really enjoy your friendship and comments.

Please say a prayer for my blogging friend Amy and her ever swelling belly with twins! She blogs here Stitchery Dickory Dock and I am sure you have heard of Amy bef…

Green Beans

Green beans are being sold for $48 a bushel here in WV. Last night I picked at least a half a bushel in 30 minutes. Wow, I am saving money, just look what a can is costing in the store. At the bushel price you can forecast the cost of a can of beans will be going up. These beans will be canned and frozen to provide vegetables for my in-laws and us over the Winter. So, bean picking will be my job today instead of sewing. As for "The August Break 2012" well of course today it is green beans fresh off the vines. Are you a canner or a freezer? I am a little of both, and it can really pay-off on your food bills. My in-laws grow a garden large enough that they share but we work for it. My mother and I have already done one picking that yielded - 5 fresh meals, 5 frozen bags, 7 quarts, 7 pints. Last night started the second picking and there are more beans this time than last.

Update: Final Pick Today 2 Bushels

Giles commented about the texture being different between canning…

First Day of 2nd Grade

Nothing better than the first day of school. Toward the end of summer even the best of kids gets that itch to go back to see friends they haven't seen in months. Out here a few kids that are around the same age get together and play. At school you have 36 or more 2nd graders who haven't seen each other in months. So today, was a great day for my grandson. He woke us up at 5:30 am afraid he was late. We sent him back to bed for another hour. My picture for "The August Break 2012". Red Hot Chili Peppers drying on the porch. I hope all the other school children who went back today had fun. Talk to you soon! Lisa

In The Boon Docks REALLY

My photo for "The August Break 2012" today is: Thank you Mr. Mike Finley for stopping long enough for me to take this picture. Your horses are lovely!

She came, She conquered, She left

I warned you there would be more photos of my littlest sweetheart, Sophie. We had our few hours alone with Samantha, Sophie, and our youngest daughter, Kristin. They leave tomorrow to visit more family and then back to Germany. I cried when I said "goodbye" knowing it might be 3 years before I saw her or Samantha again. My husband and I are both Veterans and know how hard it is to be away from home serving in the military. This is the hard side your away from family for years at a time. Our Sam - doesn't she look good for just having a baby 3 months ago! This is me and Sophie - my daughter used Instagram to post this to her Facebook page. Instagram maybe my next learning curve. My husband, Randy, with our little angel! Kristin and Sophie with the big bow her mommy loves! Sam won it at the mall yesterday, it is called "Alice in Wonderland". Still on the fence about giant bows on babies heads. I have to say she has a beautiful smile, what a way to say good …

Busy, Busy Week

Oh, so much is going on around here this week! Warning, picture heavy! Crocheting

I have decided I am in a learning stage with these new stitches! If they don't look right "rip them out" and start again. Which I did here and I like the sides much better the 4th time around. Thank all of you for your suggestions, I am going to try them! Modern Scrappy Bits Swap on Flickr

I took this mirror and case and jazzed it up a bit. Using a little double sided tape and Robert Kaufman "Cut & Sew" fabric, it makes a perfect little notion to put in with my scraps for my secret swap partner! I still have to make a pouch or a pincushion. I haven't decide which to make. If you know of a good tutorial for either please leave me a comment with a link. I would love to know where you find inspiration. Beans and Butterflies

My mother, David, and I picked beans on Tuesday at my in-laws. Picking beans is a dirty job and it was hot. We yielded about a bushel and a half and s…

Anyone for a double?

A Double crochet stitch that is! Ha ha, you thought something else. Well last night I crochet this new stitch the Double, which I thought I knew but I have been doing it WRONG, all these years. But how do I avoid this? The book tells me to skip the first stitch, but how far do I go over at the end. If you have a solution to my problem. Leave me a comment! I would really appreciate it! Try some crochet today, it is fun! Lisa

Crocheting Anyone?

Extended single crochet washcloth! Made by me! Yeah! I have been crocheting for many years. A teacher in 5th grade taught me, thank you Mrs. Hinds. She is the only teacher I remember after all these years, I am 48 now. The only problem was I only knew 2 stitches, well now I know 3. Learning new crochet stitches is fun! I made this in just a few hours while watching T.V.

I find that "The Crochet Stitch Bible" by Betty Barnden is an excellent go to book for learning new stitches. I know it is not new, published in 2004, but it has more stitches in it than I can ever learn, my copy was won from Deborah at Simply Miss Luella. What a great prize. I tried to look for Ms. Barnden's Blog, which I couldn't find, but there are thousands of bloggers who recommend her book besides me. Love it!! The other item I would like to recommend for crocheters who get cramps after crocheting is the Clover's Soft Touch Crochet Hooks. With a regular metal hook my hands begin to …

A Little Nightshade/Heat N Bond Tutorial

I have to admit one of my favorite designers is Tula Pink! I am working on a present for someone special!

When I saw "Nightshade" I had to have some for my little pirate girl. It is hard for me to picture my children as adults. I always see that little person who played in the wild flowers and danced as a sugar plum fairy. Am I the only one who sees their children this way? How to use Heat N Bond Lite

First cut out the design you want to appliqué, with at least an inch on all sides in a square.

Cut out a square of Heat N Bond Lite 1/2 inch smaller than the fabric square.

Lay the Heat N Bond bumpy side up on an ironing surface and put the design right side up on top of it.

Make sure your design is completely covered underneath by the Heat N Bond, and no Heat N Bond is sticking out from under the fabric.

Using a hot iron with the steam turned OFF to press the two together. Slowly and with even pressure. I start from the center and pick my iron up to move it instead of slidi…