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New Year, Try New Things & The Mystery Giveaway

It's a New Year so let's try something new I turned 48 on March 29, so it is a new year, for me that is, so I am going to try new things in April. I already have a button for Festival of Half Square Triangles , Novelty and Solid Layer Cake Swap and I think I will try this it looks interesting and I always wanted to learn to do paper piece, so I am jumping in with my needle,thread and a piece of paper. Thank you! I had such a wonderful birthday and I want to THANK my husband, Randy, and our daughter, Kristin, for my new Ipad 2. It is a awesome piece of technology. Also, I want everyone to know Kristin did a lot to help me with her grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, I really appreciate all her help! Thank you to all my friends and family for such a wonderful time. I am so blessed to have all of you. Mystery Giveaway O Leave a comment telling me "How do you feel about trying to remember who made/designed every piece of fabric you use. Then having to write it do

Super Sized Hex Log Cabin Block

Hi everyone, I wanted to show you what quilt blogging is all about INSPIRATION . I think Scott Hansen at Blue Nickel Studios is amazing. If you go over there you will see a very easy blog on how to create a Hex Log Cabin block. So for the last 2 days I have worked on this: Still not done yet but it is a start. The starting triangle is 5 1/2", and the strips are 2 1/2" strips (took almost a whole Jelly Roll to make this one block). The 6 blocks are just laid out so you can see what it will look like together. (the jelly roll was purchased at JoAnn's, Fabric Central Jellies - Refresh, 20 Strips; the brown triangle was a Moda scrap, no designer listed because it is a scrap) My point about inspiration is if you spend all your time trying to just create an original design you will lose track of the art. Stop by someone you admires blog and tell them how they inspire you. I do believe Quilting is a form of Art . To become accomplished at any art form you have to

Surviving Spring Break

Favorite Foods! I have to say nothing is prettier than a Mixed Berry Pie! I hadn't baked it or put the topping on it yet but it looked so pretty! Mug Rug or Mini Quilt My BFF of about 24 years became a grandma, and what started as a mug rug, ended up a Mini Quilt, my first one. I hope she will like it. I made it from the scraps from her grandsons quilt. Then put it in the mail. It's so small but I feel Very proud. For you quilters, I have nothing but admiration for you, it is very hard to keep the lines straight. Children David had his first sleepover with his friend Christian. I think both boys had a great time. No sleep but a great time. David and his friend are wanna be Jedi's! Charity Work Still here, Great! This week Salt Rock CEOS worked on clothing protectors for Hospic. Find something you can make for an organization in your area. If we all give back just a little bit we can make a big difference. Back to school tomorrow for hubby and David. I'

Liebster Blog Award & Favorite Blogs

My friend Karen at KO Can Quilt awarded me the Liebster Blog Award last week. I want to thank her for all the help she has given to me over the last 3 months. It has been a blast. I found it very hard to choose only 5 favorites. So my friends if you choose to accept this award please post the Liebster award on your blog so others know. If the blogs I listed want to accept the Liebster Award and pass it on to 5 blogs themselves, here are the rules: This award is given by bloggers to their favorite blogs with under 200 followers. The Liebster Rules are: 1. Post about your win on your blog. 2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award. 3. Copy and paste the award to your blog. 4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized. 5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. Drumroll please, I award the Liebster Blog Award to the following blogs: 1. Cherie at I Be's Cheraldine

Vote and Blog Hop

"A crawl through the woods" is baby quilt I made and submitted to the Quilting Gallery Theme contest. I have a button here for it so you could go VOTE and help this blogger out. Happy ST PATRICKS DAY! - No giveaway today from me sorry - but they are having a Blog Hop over at the Quilting Gallery Here So go vote for "A crawl through the woods" and hop on the blog hop. Have a fun day

Lots of Things Got Done This Week & Links-Updated

Great giveaway Alert go to she is giving away 4 boxes of fabric. I finally got this lovely done for Mr. David Platt. I really love Backyard Baby fabric it is so detailed. The hardest part for me to get completed when doing a quilt is the hand sewing on the binding. My mom picked out the orange Kona fabric, to make it pop. I am glad I followed her advice. When you look up close, which is what little David will do, you will see the little woodpecker in the trees really comes out. Gotta get it in the mail to St. Louis. There are certain people you talk to when you have a blog or go to other blogs that you know if they lived down the road, you would be the best of friends. One of those people for me is Ali at Very Berry Handmade She is very thoughtful and sent me FROGS . I love this fabric, not only did she remeber that I love frogs, she gave me her winnings from a competition. Did I tell you she makes the most beautiful pincusions I have ever s

I called Designer Tula Pink

I did something fun yesterday,do you wanna know what I did. As you know, I live in the boon docks, WV, not a place normally Tula would come for a book signing. Yesterday, I read she would be at a certain quilt shop signing books. I called the store in the midwest and talked to her very nice mother, who was with Tula. I did ask her if Tula Pink was her real name and she told me yes. She asked me to hang on, next thing I know I am speaking to Tula herself. She laughed when I told her I was in WV and wanted to have her sign her new book for me. She said sure thing, she'd put it in the mail today. I cannot wait, it has really great patterns in it I hear. I was so excited I bought some Prince Charming fabrics, so I would be ready when it arrives. She is a very talented designer and very nice. Look for her at Tula Pink (click on tula's name and go there).

Quilting Gallery Scrappy Triangles Quilt Submission

Hello Everyone, today I entered my quilt Visions of West Virginia into the Quilting Gallery Weekly Themed Quilt Contest. Voting by the public starts tomorrow, Friday, March 9, 2012 . There is a button on the upper right-hand side of my blog, just click on it tomorrow and vote for Visions of West Virgina. The theme for this week is scrappy triangles. Thank you and please go vote for my quilt. I made this quilt for the Cabell County Fair in 2011. My good friend Irene Hensley quilted it for me.

A funny thing with patches

This morning I sit down at my sewing machine to work on the binding for the baby quilt I have been working on, and here comes my husband with his old jean jacket with a hole in it. I asked what happened to it and found out it got hung up on barbed wire. "Please patch it", I look at him because he knows I have wanted to throw it away. "Get those old jeans, the pair with the holes in them and cut me a big square". "My favorite jeans"? "Yep" (so I got rid of something I wanted thrown away). Among other things my husband is a 45 year old college student, so now he will where this on his back until it rots off, he loves that old jacket and I love him. Got a funny you want to share? Love to hear it.